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    Don't wanna hear you lie tonight
    The environment in camping was better than the previous days where it rained incessantly, leaving it empty. Today, the sun was beaming, but still, you could feel the cool breeze, warning that the afternoon would be that way. As I walked, I could see in the distance a sketch. Not sure if it had color, but, noting the process on how the tones ranged the banks, the hair should have a blonde color. Understood drawing, risks and stuff. Was about to go to the Institute, look somewhere private, away from the eyes that always gave me. Desire, envy, hatred, confusion. People could feel so many things at once... It should not be weird? We are one with feelings for another thousand. Taking a deep breath, put your hands inside the jacket, that person approaching me. For the silhouette, clearly it was a girl. Should be rookie, since he had never seen such a tall girl there, except for Corinne, but this was even more white hair bore clear.

    Probably already told you, the more you knack to draw. I decided to say nothing about the way the sketch was taken. No smiles, just talked, like an automatic gesture. 

    What could be it around the eyes of the design? Tears? From what understand, it should be much more than a drawing. Up close, it was clear that the expressions were more real to deal only with someone trying to empty your thoughts. Not asked, just kept me standing a few feet away, hands in his jacket pocket.

    fulano de tal usou isto, falou com a pessoa e estava neste lugar. Estava ouvindo breakaway song by kelly clarkson. notas: a postagem é de minha autoria para um rpg externo, direitos autorais preservados.

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